We Need Your Help!

Posted by GVAC Sea Dragons on Nov 19 2023 at 11:00AM PST

It’s so exciting to see our team growing and hosting or participating in more meets! In order to sustain this, we need your help. Below are some high-need areas. If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact Kristie Bridges at or 978-394-0634.

Timing Equipment and Computer Operators: We need at least one more volunteer to help run the timing console and computer during meets. This position requires training (which we can provide) and is best for people who enjoy working with technology, can focus on what is happening in each race, and remain calm under pressure. The timing console operator collects race times automatically from touch pads and backup buttons. During each race, they verify which lanes are occupied and that all splits/finishes register, store the results, and reset the system for each subsequent race. The computer operator imports times from the console into the database and handles any unexpected program adjustments such as lane changes and scratches. The pace of the meet is determined by how efficiently this team works.

Fund Raising: We need bleachers and other equipment and would love to expand access to the scholarship program. Traveling to the 3-day state championship meet in Morgantown will also be costly for coaches and swimmers. We are initiating a sponsorship program and need volunteers to share sponsorship opportunities with local businesses.

Ribbons: It would be great to have one volunteer from each practice group help make sure kids get their ribbons after meets. It can be difficult for the coaches to keep up with this, especially if swimmers were unable to be at practice on the day ribbons were handed out.

Stroke and Turn Judges: This role requires a significant training commitment, with mandatory orientation sessions occurring at a time determined by the LSC. We do not have a schedule for the next sessions yet but if interested, I will include you on a list to be notified. After the initial training, there are other requirements including background checks, safety training, a test (open book!), and mentoring sessions. This role is ideal for people whose swimmers are likely to continue in the sport for a few years – you are guaranteed to have a great view of their races. At the SMAC meet this weekend, there were 7 officials on deck and they considered that to be a skeleton crew!

Thanks for your continued support!


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